I am trying to find out the file in which the following flag is used - TRACE_WANTED". However, I don't want the find to search this flag in .c and .h. How can I issue a command to exclude the find from *.c and *.h files.

Here is the typical command I am using -

find ./ -iname  *.c -exec grep -iHrn  TRACE_WANTED {} \;

GNU grep has the ability to exclude globs from its recursive searches built in. Try:

grep -iHrn  --exclude='*.c' --exclude='*.h' TRACE_WANTED

This searches recursively starting from the current directory, just like your find command. It excludes all *.c and *.h files.

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If all you need is to find the files which contains the word TRACE_WANTED, excluding *.c and *.h files, you don't even need to use find, grep alone can do this work for you:

 grep -r --exclude={"*.c","*.h"} TRACE_WANTED ./

The quotes are unnecessary in bash, but necessary in zsh by default.

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find . ! -name '*.[ch]' -type f -exec grep -l TRACE_WANTED {} +

Or if you can use a grep with -recursive search:

grep -lr --exclude='*.[ch]' TRACE_WANTED
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