So I've an external Seagate hard disk that I used to mount on my Mac through Paragon ExtFS.

For some unknown reason it stopped to mount on my Mac due to I/O errors - I may have removed the drive without dismounting.

Okay. I tried to mount this drive on the Ubuntu machine I use on my work, and it mounted. I found some bizarre permission errors here and there, but most of them were resolved after executing the fsck and chown/chgrp commands.

I now have only two directories with I/O issues, although fsck says my drive is clean. Although I can list their contents with ls/find commands, I can't stat anything inside them. Using debugfs on those "hidden" files I was able to see that they've uid=501 and gid=20.

My question: is there any way/tool to fix these files permissions? Using fsck wasn't enough to fix them.


You might consider using debugfs(8) but if you care for your data you'll better use that on some disk image, not on the partition itself.

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