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I am tying to install Oracle ASM on RHEL 7.1, for that trying to configure Udev rules. I have noticed there are is new attribute in udev rules SYMLINK+ which seems to be replacement of NAME attribute.

Working rules:

SUBSYSTEM=="block", KERNEL=="powerae",  SYMLINK+="ORAdisk1", OWNER="grid", GROUP="oinstall", MODE="0660"

Not working rules:

SUBSYSTEM=="block", KERNEL=="powerae",  NAME="ORAdisk1", OWNER="grid", GROUP="oinstall", MODE="0660"

I have searched in Redhat release note could not find any details regarding udev ruels,

RHEL 6 udev rules are compatible with RHEL 7 ? Please explain.

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It is only there for network interfaces no more. Well explained in the older man page below.

man udev


The name to use for a network interface. The name of a device node can not be changed by udev, only additional symlinks can be created.

Even with an older release 175


   What a network interface should be named.

   Also, as a temporary workaround, this is what a device node should
   be named; usually the kernel provides the defined node name or
   creates and removes the node before udev even receives any event.
   Changing the node name from the kernel's default creates
   inconsistencies and is not supported. If the kernel and NAME
   specify different names, an error is logged. udev is only expected
   to handle device node permissions and to create additional
   symlinks, not to change kernel-provided device node names. Instead
   of renaming a device node, SYMLINK should be used. However, symlink
   names must never conflict with device node names, as that would
   result in unpredictable behavior.

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