I just installed Fedora 21 on a laptop, and among other things I installed Texstudio. While the install seems to work fine in general, I get absolutely no reaction from this single program. I have tried the following:

  1. Remove and reinstall.
  2. Remove and reinstall using .rpm provided at webpage of Texstudio.
  3. Open a single .tex-file.

None of the above give any reaction whatsoever. Texworks works fine. Being an inexperienced user I do not know whether or not this will be of any help, but simply typing texstudio in the terminal gives the following:

texstudio: symbol lookup error: texstudio: undefined symbol: _ZN20QFutureInterfaceBase13setThreadPoolEP11QThreadPool
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    Usually this is a missing library (the sort ldd /path/to/texstudio will list), though I have no idea what library that symbol would belong to. – thrig Oct 17 '15 at 18:56
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    Did you install Texstudio from a Fedora package or from somewhere else? If somewhere else, please tell us where (preferably with a link). – Gilles Oct 17 '15 at 20:22
  • I installed it by 'yum install texstudio'. – Andrew Thompson Oct 18 '15 at 14:23
  • This is a little confusing — you say you used an ".rpm provided at webpage of Texstudio". But that's not what you get if you do yum isntall texstudio... that would give you the RPM provided by Fedora, including dependencies. – mattdm Oct 20 '15 at 19:27
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    @AndrewThompson please show us output of following commands (paste them into terminal) : ldd $(which texstudio) (as mentioned by @thrig ) 2. strace $(which texstudio) – KWubbufetowicz Jan 24 '16 at 22:20

It looks like the .rpm provided at the Texstudio web page is not quite compatible with the system you're running (its Qt libraries in particular). Specifically there is a problem with one of the Qt functions:

~$ echo '_ZN20QFutureInterfaceBase13setThreadPoolEP11QThreadPool' | c++filt

In your position I'd do one of two things:

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