I am using CentOS 7 and I had Java 1.7 installed with openjdk in my system but I wanted Java 8 so I removed Java 1.7 by the command:

yum remove java-1.*

Then I installed java normally by tar.gz package everything works normally until I restarted the system. The problem is that whenever I enter the password in my login screen the screen comes back again to the same login screen its like a loop I type the password enter it then a blank screen shows for seconds and then login screen appears again.

I can't seem to figure out what to do where to start looking the problem.

  • Can you log in as root? Can you log in at a console? Press Ctl-Alt-F2 (or F3 etc) until you see a text login prompt. Try logging in there. Try logging in as root user. If you get in, run (as root) setenforce 0 and then return to the GUI (Ctl-Alt-F1) and try logging in again. Also, check permissions on your home directory. It's unlikely that the change of Java caused this as CentOS's desktop doesn't depend on Java - it's more likely that you've accidentally changed something else or a completely unconnected issue has arisen at the same time. But I could be wrong :-) – garethTheRed Oct 17 '15 at 9:33

That sounds like something in your graphical environment (maybe your window manager) would like to have that Java version, or it is looking for it in a way you didn't cater for (like, have you looked at /etc/alternatives?), so your graphical session immediately ends, throwing you back to the graphical login screen.

You can use Ctrl-Alt-F2 on the login screen to swith to a text console to log in, and I guess the first thing to do would be to reinstall CentOS' Java. (BTW, in my experience, there is no problem with having multiple versions of Java installed. I tend to put my manually installed ones in /opt, but then, I don't usually care if system tools use the old version.)

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