I am looking for a folder, but there are a lot of Permission denied messages. I want to filter these out by grepping the output. I tried this, informed by other questions:

find / -type d -name 'force_fields' | xargs grep 'force_fields'

However, I still get a flow of entries with Permission denied messages, making it impossible for me to filter out what I'm looking for.

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Would silencing the error stream be a solution?

find / -type d -name 'force_fields' 2>/dev/null

The errors are printed to stderr, but the results are printed to stdout. You can redirect the errors so you won't see them, like this:

find / -type d -name 'force_fields' 2>/dev/null
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Those message are write trough the stadnard error channel (number 2). You can redirect the error message to /dev/null to avoid them by:

find / -type d -name 'force_fields' 2>/dev/null

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