I am using the i3 tiling window manager. How can I add a printer (e.g. things like searching the network to auto-discover printers to connect to or supply a printer's coordinates). Unfortunately "i3 printer" is not very google-able as an actual printer named i3 exists.

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i3 is a window manager, not a desktop environment. If you want a desktop environment, you'll have to add one; many DEs do support changing their window manager.

If you just want to add a printer, you don't need to use an i3-specific tool to do so. You can just use whatever other desktop's tools; or you can bypass them all and go directly to cups. This is done by pointing your webbrowser to http://localhost:631/ and configuring things there.

If cups asks you for a username and password, note that cups is usually configured to use PAM for authentication. You can either use root and your root password to log in, or add a user to the group which is configured with the SystemGroup statement in cups-files.conf (on Debian and derivatives, this is the lpadmin group).

  • To add this you can run i3 over a Desktop Environment like MATE (GNOME2) or LXDE which will set much of this sort of thing up for you.
    – Kris
    Sep 22, 2016 at 8:11

I prefer to use the CUPS web interface (http://localhost:631/), but there exist a handful of CUPS GUIs you may prefer instead.


I have not found a good tray icon/tool yet, however.

  • Thanks. Precise and direct instructions. Works like a charm. Mar 19 at 19:34

I'm using i3, my notes on adding a network printer without a GUI interface:

pacman -S cups
systemctl enable --now cups

# Add printer(eg ip:
# -p printer name
# -E Enable and accept jobs on the printer (after -p)
# -v device-uri
# -m driver('everywhere' should work on most printers)
lpadmin -p konica1 -E -v ipp:// -m everywhere

# Delete a printer
lpadmin -x konica1

# View installed printers in cups interface

# View installed printer from cmdline:
lpstat -p

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