I'm using Ubuntu 15.10 and i want to know which display server is running. In first version of Ubuntu it is definitely X server, but recently i got updated my Ubuntu 15.10 and i came to know that some Mir Server packages are going to be installed so how will i know that either Mir is running or X Server?


(Trying to improve @shcherbak answer.)

To get info about the running display server write in the console:

ps -e | grep tty

The out put might be, for example:

 1475 tty2     00:00:00 gdm-x-session
 1478 tty2     00:00:40 Xorg
 1489 tty2     00:00:00 gnome-session-b

One of the tty* results is the terminal where you have the GUI in your linux system (usually tty7). Therefore, this should be the terminal where the display server (X11, Mir, or whatever) is running.

For example, the results show 1478 tty2 00:00:40 Xorg, so this would be running Xorg (that is, X11).

Shscherbak answer would just output the running processes that contain a capital X, "X". Among others, of course, Xorg, in case it is present. But if another display server is running, you miss the information. :)


try look your process list:

ps -e | grep X
  • This would return the running processes that contain a capital X (e.g., Xorg), but would not show another display server if it is running. – iND Jan 9 at 14:19

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