I have installed this Numix Fluxbox style. Installation is done just by copying the Numix folder into /usr/share/fluxbox/styles folder.

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The font is Monospace Regular.

The Fluxbox-style affects the fonts of the toolbar, clock, flubox menu title and items, and windows frame. These fonts are THEORETICALLY set in /usr/share/fluxbox/style/MY-STYLE/theme.cfg or in ~/.fluxbox/overlay. But in none of them is a font mentioned.

The GTK2 fonts are set in ~/.gtkrc-2.0 and are overwritten by lxappearance. In my case it indeed was a different font, namely Cantarell. Changing the font in lxappearance changes the font in the whole system except the ones set by the fluxbox theme (toobar, menu, windows). So, now I know how to set most programs to use Monospace if I want, in line with the fluxbox fonts.

But I still don't know how this fluxbox theme is setting its fonts. (No matter the font set for the gtk theme, the fluxbox fonts stay the same.)


Usually the config setting for all fonts would be set in the theme.cfg file of in the theme's directory.

toolbar.font: dejavusans-12
toolbar.clock.font: dejavusans-12
menu.title.font: dejavusans-bold-11
menu.frame.font: dejavusans-bold-10
window.font: dejavusans-bold-11

Since you don't have this setting it will use on the default font. Depending on your X config or GTK+ config, you can trace the default font.

  • There is no configuration for fonts in the theme.cfg of numix-fluxbox - as you can see. But I don't think that is the default font, as I cannot see it anywhere else on my system: looking to the fonts used by the file manager, the menus of various programs, etc. they are all the same, but different than the one I talk about here. It is exclusevely the items that use the Fluxbox style which have that font: that is, only the window decorations, the right-click menu on the desktop and the toolbar. – user32012 Oct 14 '15 at 15:23
  • Also, if by theme you mean the fluxbox style (in this case Numix-Fluxbox) by no means is this style setting the fonts of the entire system: as you say, it's just the toolbar, clock, flubox menu title and items and windows frame. I think I have identified the font: Monospace Regular. But that is not my system font (the one in pamanfm e.g) – user32012 Oct 15 '15 at 17:24
  • "Since you don't have this setting it will use on the default font. " You mean the gtk2 font (in ~/.gtkrc-2.0) or a different one? The default gtk2 font was Cantarell. But that affects only programs like PCManFM and Firefox, not the fonts of he fluxbox style mentioned above. – user32012 Oct 15 '15 at 18:03

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