Im trying to tunnel to DestinationHost through HopHost with

ssh -o ProxyCommand='ssh HopHostUser@HopHost nc -w 10 %h %p' DestinationHost

First, I get to authenticate towards HopHost as HopHostUser

HopHostUser@HopHost password: 

After I authenticate towards HopHost, I get

Permission denied (publickey).

HopHostUser's connection to DestinationHost is authenticated with a key, which are on configed for HopHostUser on HopHost

If I were to connect towards DestinationHost through HopHost step by step, (without it being a tunnel / proxy) All i would have to is this:

 me@localhost >> ssh HopHostUser@HopHost
 HopHostUser@HopHost password:
 HopHostUser@HopHost >> ssh DestinationHost
 HopHostUser@DestionationHost >> 

If i use -v to the original ssh command, I can see that the key on my localhost, instead of on HopHost

Can i tell SSH to use the external Key, instead of looking on my localhost?


You cannot use proxying/tunneling as the ssh-key is stored on the hop server and isn't accessible locally. Ideally you generate a new key and add it to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on DestinationHost, but this may not be possible.

The easiest way to set this up is using the remote command and two local port forwards.

Open terminal on DestinationHost:

ssh -t HopHostUser@HopHost "ssh DestinationHost"

Open terminal + port forwarding from DestinationHost to Localhost:

ssh -t -L8081:localhost:9999 HopHostUser@HopHost "ssh -L9999:localhost:80 DestinationHost"

You best make use of you ssh config for this. It's very long winded.

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    Its correct that i cannot do this without a new key, And i cannot add a new key. A port forwading option would work, but i need to use scp. I solved it by it by using non orthodox methods (copy key) – Marcus Brunsten Oct 14 '15 at 13:02

Have you tried ?

ssh HopHostUser@HopHost ssh DestinationHost

I used to do this a few years ago, maybe ssh prevents this now. I haven't access to several hosts so I'm unable to test this command.

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  • This works, but it doesnt make it a tunnel as for as I can tell. – Marcus Brunsten Oct 14 '15 at 13:00

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