I am using nas4Free 9.3.2 and FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p22.

I noticed after using cp, that my moved files no longer had the color coded labels I had applied in OSX. Share mounted in AFP. To test this, I made a folder test1 and turned it red in OSX. Then I ran this command:

cp -a -v /mnt/Storage1/test1 /mnt/Storage2/test2  

and this one

cp -a -p -v /mnt/Storage1/test1 /mnt/Storage2/test2

In both instances, the file is copied, but the color label is missing.
Any ideas?


This appears to be a known limitation of the colored labels feature: the labels are known only by OSX's Finder, and if the files are copied by some other mechanism, Finder cannot detect this.

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