How can I find the summation for a certain field that is related to another field by awk, consider below sample:



in this sample, I need to collect the number of $3 per $4, so the result would be:

VO,1000 2
DT,1000 1
VO,2000 1

were 1st and 2nd fields ignored.


If you don't mind reordering, the following should work

awk -F, '{print $3","$4}' <file name> | uniq -c

uniq -c counts the number of repetitions

For your input, the output is

  2 VO,1000
  1 DT,1000
  1 VO,2000

Further editing can be achieved via 2nd awk if required

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    Nice. Don't even need awk for this: cut -d, -f3,4 file | uniq -c – glenn jackman Oct 12 '15 at 16:44
  • What if I need to get the summation? if the $3 is a numeric value? – Eng7 Oct 13 '15 at 5:55

To do it all in awk:

awk '
    BEGIN {FS=SUBSEP=","} 
    END {for (key in count) print key, count[key]}
' file
DT,1000 1
VO,1000 2
VO,2000 1

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