I have a live Slackware 14.1 64-bit iso that hangs at "Welcome to Grub!". MD5 sums check out for the downloaded image. The computer in question has successfully booted live images of other operating systems.

Where should I begin to investigate this matter further, or, are there alternative boot methods for getting into a live image on DVD?


Full disclosure: I did a very dumb thing in trying to solve this problem, and I did it on purpose.

Don't do the dumb thing I did. Which was boot into a working live environment, unmount /, and then #dd if=/path/to/iso.img of=/path/to/former/root.

What does this do? Kills your MBR (makes your computer unbootable).

Fortunately, I have a separate partition for /home, and I did the dumb thing on a personal computer, so I didn't loose any files that I'm particularly attached to (farewell, /var/log & friends!) but now I get to enjoy the dubious pleasure of trying to reconfigure my entire OS.

How I managed to actually solve the problem originally posed in this post was by taking the desired ISO and running the isohybrid command on the image, then dding it to a USB drive... et voila! Bootable, Slacky goodness.

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