I install xenomai by

sudo apt-get install xenomai-*

It installed

dctrl-tools libxenomai-dev libxenomai1 linux-patch-xenomai xenomai-doc xenomai-runtime.

But when I check /boot/grub/grub.cfg, it seems it didn't change anything.

How do I boot xenomai on Ubuntu 10.04?

Should I followed Building Debian packages's Building a Xenomai patched Linux kernel package?

But it uses kernel 2.6.35, which is newer than mine (2.6.32).

Thank you~


While I have no idea about Xenomai, the linux-patch-xenomai package includes several README files in /usr/share/doc/linux-patch-xenomai/ that might help you. (From what I understand, you are to build a new -patched- kernel anyway, so which kernel you're using right now shouldn't matter much.)


I found a detailed explanation on this page. Hope it works for you!


  • Please make your answers more than just a link. If you could provide at least a summary of the solution then your answer is able to stand on it's own if the link ever goes away! – slm Jan 27 '13 at 20:33

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