When opening Chrome in Elementary OS (fresh install) I see the animation of the window opening to a side of the screen (where I can't access). I don't know why this happens and neither how to get access to the window, therefore chrome is useless right now.

Can I fix this somehow?


There used to be an command line option to chrome you could try, but sadly this is not something you can rely on:

chromium-browser --window-position=10,10

So one possible tactic is to install xdotool and use it to list all window ids matching the name chromium (which is what the browser goes under), and then use xdotool to get their size:

xdotool search chromium|xargs -i xdotool getwindowgeometry {}

Choose the largest, eg:

Window 52428801
  Position: 6,6 (screen: 0)
  Geometry: 1627x985

and move that window with

xdotool windowmove 52428801 0 0

Move the window again with the mouse, close it, and the restart chrome and see if it remembers where it was placed last time.

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