Im Using Linux Mint 17.2 rafaela amd64 with cinnamon. I have a couple old windows themes I downloaded and if I apply them with the system settings dialog I get this:

ttheme screenshot

Which is great! Except I only want the theme to be applied when I launch a shortcut. For example the shortcut on the desktop "Command Prompt", I found out how to make that shortcut launch Gnome terminal with a specific profile, but I want the shortcut to also apply a specific theme, "window borders" theme, "controls" theme, and "icons" theme to the window launched

Ive gotten the main theme to apply to a gedit window using this method:

GTK2_RC_FILES=/home/njord/.themes/old.gtkrc gnome-terminal --window-with-profile=oldWin

Where old.gtkrc is a custom theme that changes the default font to "Perfect DOS VGA 437 12", which is a font I want to use for the title bar as well.

The contents of old.gtkrc:

include "/home/njord/.themes/Windows\ Classic/gtk-2.0/gtkrc"

style "Perfect DOS VGA 437"
font_name = "Perfect DOS VGA 437 12"

widget_class "*" style "Perfect DOS VGA 437"
gtk-font-name = "Perfect DOS VGA 437 12"

Basically, I want to use a different theme and title font for everything, but if I click a shortcut on the desktop launch a program with a custom:

  • Title Bar font
  • Icon theme
  • Window border (coloring of title bar and scrollbar etc.)
  • "controls" theme (Changes dropdown menus style, buttons, etc.)

Is this even possible? I think I might have to use something other than gtk2 (gtk3?). I've been using linux for a few years as my daily driver but I've never done this before.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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