I'm currently writing a simple bash script for recording a streaming radio stream. The logistics of getting into work and getting set up mean that I miss about 30 minutes of my favourite breakfast show, so I'm writing this script with the intention of putting it on a cron schedule on my work machine to start recording about 15 minutes before I get to work.

The following excerpt from the script does not work:

echo ${FILEFULLPATH} | xargs -t screen -dmS ${STATION_NAME}Stream mplayer ${STATION_URL} -dumpstream -dumpfile

However, running the xargs -t output works perfectly - screen -ls shows the screen and screen -r shows that the command is indeed running. This is that output command:

screen -dmS RadioXStream mplayer http://radiostream.net/ -dumpstream -dumpfile ~/radio/radiostream_06102015-1316.mp3

I've used set -x and everything looks fine. When I run screen -ls after running the script, the screen that is supposed to have created does not exist.

I based this command on an earlier script I wrote for a Minecraft server, with the only main difference being that I use xargs here for the filepath, as it was wrapping a relative directory in quotes, e.g '~/radio/file.mp3'

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    I think you're overcomplicating your script by using xargs and screen. Why not simply have cron run mplayer http://radiostream.net/ -dumpstream -dumpfile ~/radio/radiostream_06102015-1316.mp3? – Anthony Geoghegan Oct 6 '15 at 13:01
  • ... with radiostream_06102015-1316.mp3 generate by $(date "+radiostream_%d%m%Y_%H%M.mp3") in command line – Archemar Oct 6 '15 at 13:12
  • Because I do this: FILEFULLPATH="${DIRECTORY}${STATION_NAME}_${DATETAG}.mp3" – Jake Stanley Oct 6 '15 at 14:29

The problem must have been caused by using xargs. I solved my problem by sticking all the variables on the command line instead of putting them in a variable:

screen -dmS ${STATION_NAME}Stream mplayer ${STATION_URL} -dumpstream -dumpfile ${DIRECTORY}${STATION_NAME}_${DATETAG}.mp3

Thanks for the comments.

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