I noticed there's default tilde + alias exist:

[root@xiaobai ~]# cd ~[press Tab]
~abrt/                ~dbus/                ~lp/                  ~openvpn/             ~root/                ~systemd-network/
~adm/                 ~ftp/                 ~mail/                ~operator/            ~rpc/                 ~systemd-resolve/
~apache/              ~games/               ~mpd/                 ~pkg-build/           ~rpcuser/             ~systemd-timesync/
~avahi/               ~gdm/                 ~mysql/               ~polkitd/             ~rtkit/               ~tcpdump/
~avahi-autoipd        ~geoclue/             ~nfs4user/            ~postfix/             ~saslauth/            ~toranon/
~bin/                 ~gnome-initial-setup  ~nfsnobody/           ~postgres/            ~shutdown/            ~tss
~chrony/              ~halt/                ~nm-openconnect/      ~pulse                ~sshd/                ~unbound/
~colord/              ~iguanair/            ~nobody/              ~qemu/                ~sync/                ~usbmuxd/
~daemon/              ~ldap/                ~ntop/                ~radvd/               ~systemd-bus-proxy/   ~xiaobai/
[root@xiaobai ~]# cd ~halt
[root@xiaobai sbin]# pwd
[root@xiaobai sbin]# l ~halt
14 lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 8 Nov 18  2014 /sbin -> usr/sbin
[root@xiaobai sbin]# cd ~nobody/
[root@xiaobai //]# pwd
[root@xiaobai //]# 
[root@xiaobai //]# realpath ~nobody/
[root@xiaobai //]# 

Where can i set this tilde+alias (i'm not talking about ~/.bashrc) ? Any reference/documentation about this combination ?

My platform is Fedora 21.

  1. It's called tilde, not 'tidle'.
  2. They're not aliases, they're usernames on the system, when you press tab the shell is offering to auto-complete ~ to one of the user's home directories for you.

Very easy,

Create dummy entries in the /etc/passwd file with directory names, as new user names, and append the right directory you want it to point to. That's it.

NOTE: Use different/unused UID, GID values



Here "tomsawyer" is an example real username, where as "Downloads" and "Desktop" are dummy usernames, and will be pointing to respective directories upon accessing with "tilde notation"

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