Hello. I have a problem with my terminal: I can't open it. I have done a thing like written here

I have checked 'Run a custom command instead of my shell' and typed in 'echo Hello World'. Now I can't open terminal - whenever I try nothing doesn't apear, so I can't change back the settings. Any idea of how could I fix it?


There might be simpler ways around this.

In many desktop environments, you can run an arbitrary command via the GUI. A common shortcut for this is AltF2. Just run gnome-terminal -x sleep 10h.

Or: Login to a TTY (CtrlAltF1-F6). Run DISPLAY=:0 gnome-terminal -x sleep 10h.

Or: You might have another terminal emulator installed, say xterm. Run it, and then gnome-terminal -x sleep 10h.


  1. Open your file manager, and go to /usr/share/applications
  2. Find gnome-terminal.desktop, and copy it somewhere (your ~/Desktop, or ~, etc.)
  3. Edit the copy (probably can be done by right clicking and choosing Open With, and then picking an editor)
  4. Change Exec=gnome-terminal to Exec=gnome-terminal -x sleep 10h
  5. The copied file should be showing the GNOME Terminal icon. If it isn't, right click it, go to Properties and ensure that it is executable.
  6. Double-click the copy to execute it, which should launch an instance of GNOME Terminal running sleep 10h.

You now have 10 hours to undo whatever you did.

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    Thanks man, you saved me. I have opened xterm from /usr/share/applications and ran the command DISPLAY=:0 gnome-terminal -x sleep 10 Just after this a Terminal appeared. I have closed the both xterm and Terminal I tried to open Terminal again and it worked perfectly! Thank you very much for the answer. – Vilius Povilaika Oct 6 '15 at 16:28
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    I got myself into this problem too b/c I set Custom command: script ~/terminalSessions/$(date +"%Y%m%d-%T-terminal-session.txt"). I wanted to append dateTime to script's session file. Thank you – IberoMedia Sep 8 '17 at 3:42

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