Need some guidance on a Networking issues that started a few days ago and I am not sure how to how to troubleshoot.

Problem - Every two minutes or so I lose the ability to access the internet, web surf, streaming audio RDP connections, VOIP call are cut off and so on. This last about 20-30 seconds and then connections are restored. The odd thing here is, the internet connection stays up and does not appear to be the problem I have monitored the router and all is well, I have called Time warner and had the connection tested. Although I loose RDP connection, I don’t lose my VPN connection.

Troubleshooting- I disconnected EVERY Device from the network and only attached the PC to the router and the PROBLEM disappeared. I then began to plug in devices one at a time every two hours or so to see what device was the problem. After all was said and done, I have identified my READYNAS PRO is the cause of the problem. Each time I unplug it from the network everything returns to normal.

Just in case there was an IP conflict - I have change the IP.

Just in case the RJ45 cable was bad - I have changes the RJ45 cable

Just in case the NAS Ethernet port went bad - I moved to the secondary Ethernet Port on the device

Just in case the Ethernet port was bad on the switch, the NAS connection was moved to another port.

How can I find the cause of this problem?

  • Hi. Regular or almost regular connectivity failure typically comes from a specific configuration problem, typically caused by local network configuration or a software bug. You would have to diagnose a bit and come up with a more detailed description of how your network works, how the computer is configured and what is in the relevant logs. There are too many unknowns for now. Oct 4, 2015 at 21:11

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Definitely run wireshark through before and through the outage and look for anything suspicious. My wild guess is that your READYNAS might run a (misconfigured) DHCP server and your PC is changing its network configuration all the time.

  • Hummmm, DHCP on the NAS has never been enable, currently it is disabled. Let me give Wireshark a try.
    – user68650
    Oct 4, 2015 at 15:34
  • 1
    also, run tcpdump -n on the PC and watch if all the traffic ceases during the outage (and when already at that, check ifconfig -a) Oct 4, 2015 at 15:47

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