The article BootProcessSpeedup on the Debian Wiki lists a tip to speed up boot time. It says to install readahead and then #touch /etc/readahead/profile-once.

It seems like an outdated article, because when I try this, it gives an error saying there's no such file or directory (it's referring to readahead). I browsed to /etc/ and noticed that there is a folder called readahead.d, not readahead. What do I need to do? modify the command to include ".d"? Or not do anything at all?


To get helpful info on an installed package, start by listing the files it contains:

dpkg -L readahead-fedora

(I think that is the name of the package you are using). You will see files


which are man pages, so you can try man 8 readahead etc to get some info. (man readahead may get you a different man page). However, I looked in both man pages and didn't find much useful. Looking at the other files in the package there is:


which says "To manually trigger the collector on next boot use"

touch /.readahead_collect

So that seems like the answer in this case (though, honestly, a README like this may not always be uptodate, so beware).

  • Thanks for answering. After reading this I found the same command on the Debian forums listed for Squeeze. So I ran this command and rebooted, but noticed nothing at all during bootup. I remember reading that profiling would take a long time. Did it just take less time on my machine? I have no way of knowing if it worked. :( – user133721 Oct 20 '15 at 10:47
  • It seems it only runs during the very early stages of boot. You should find files in /etc/readahead.d/ listing files to load. I tried it on my raspberry pi and it wasnt useful. But I'm not sure it worked entirely, as it left /.readahead_collect which it is supposed to remove after a reboot. – meuh Oct 20 '15 at 14:02
  • Well, my .readahead_collect did get removed, so I think it worked. Didn't help much with boot time though. – user133721 Oct 23 '15 at 12:22

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