I try to extract all files in all sub directories by this command

 $ find -name "*.bz2" -print  -exec bizp2 -d "*.bz2" {}\;
find: missing argument to `-exec'

but it doesnot work :(

btw I do not understand the usage of {};

  • your command bizp2 what should it do? Is that related to bzip2? – Anthon Oct 3 '15 at 19:23

There are two errors in your command:

  • leave out the "*bz2" option to bzip2, the {} will be replaced by any file find returns
  • add a space between {} and \;

so the full command would be

 find -name "*bz2" -print -exec bzip2 -d {} \;
  • it works , thaaaanks a lot (Y) – Dalia Shouman Oct 3 '15 at 18:26

... I don't understand your command... I would just have used :

 find -name *.bz2 -exec bzip2 -d '{}'  ';'

I don't understand why you put "*.bz2". According to

 man find

you should put the thing in quotes '' because the {} could get interpreted by the shell. With a bit of testing, I think I can conclude the problem lies with the fact that you put no space between {} and \; whereas the man page specifies that the last argument should consist solely of ; .

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