I downloaded a cross-assembler that as far I can tell, i am supposed to open a .txt file with it and the assembler will create an a.out file somewhere. But Fedora only lets me open .txt files with programs in its apps list. How do I put a program in the apps list or how do I simply open a file with an application outside of Fedora's app list? Thanks so much.


On my fedora 22 with dolphin I right click on the file icon which opens a dialog with a list of programs to choose from. If I don't want to use any of those listed I choose 'Other...' which open another dialog where I can browse the whole system to the file I want to use


You need to create a desktop-file in ~/.local/share/applications of that application

For example for a *.desktop file:

#!/usr/bin/env xdg-open

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/usr/bin/txtEditor %u

Source: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2242613-fedora-30-setting-file-association-with-non-standard-application

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