New to Linux and using Mint 17.2. Started with persistent Live USB that ran out of space after a week. So made a backup of everything (entire filesystem) including the casper-rw file, created new Live USB with casper-rw partition instead of file. This currently works.

Now I want all the stuff back I had from that week of work. I want my programing includes and libraries, my themes, backgrounds... everything.

How do I do this? And how should I have done this if I was still in the position of just running low on space?


Perhaps you don't need the answer anymore (seeing its from '15), but here's what works:

  • mount the casper-rw file on loopback, like so:

    mount /path/to/casper-rw /mnt/src/
  • mount the partition you'd want to copy over the files to (ensure it is empty), like so:

    mount /dev/sdXN /mnt/tgt/

    where sdXN denotes the Nth partition of /dev/sdX

  • issue rsync in archival mode so that symlinks, modification-times are preserved

    rsync -avP /mnt/src/* /mnt/tgt

Wait for the command to finish and you are done.

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