I have a Sony PRS-T1 ebook reader which is based on Android 2.2. When I connect it to my PC, it shows up as two USB partitions: READER and SETTING. The latter is a read-only partition, only useful the first time you connect the Reader to a Windows PC or a Mac.

How do I stop the SETTING partition from auto-mounting?

I tried adding UUID="4EA9-C564" /mnt/tmp vfat noatime,noauto,user,defaults 1 0 in /etc/fstab but this does not prevent the partition from being mounted.


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First find out the UUID of that USB partition:

 $ ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/

The name of the soft link to device of this mounted partition is actual UUID of that partition, for example:

 lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 10 09-07 08:07 ae44ddaa-0e0e-ee22-66b-983bc15159b1 -> ../../sdb2

so the ae44ddaa-0e0e-ee22-66b-983bc15159b1 is a UID of this partition.

Next add a line to /etc/fstab (you will need root permisions), something like this:

 UUID=ae44ddaa-0e0e-ee22-66b-983bc15159b1   /mnt/tmp        ext4    noatime,noauto,user,defaults    1 0

The most important here is noauto option which will prevent from automount.

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    This prevents automount at boot if the device is connected but not when hot-plugged.
    – To Do
    Sep 30, 2015 at 10:23
  • Well, it is working for me (Fedotra 20/MATE) for many hot-plugged devices (cameras, usb sticks, external drives (both usb and esata)). I have 9 entries like this in /etc/fstab and all of them are working.
    – alcik
    Sep 30, 2015 at 11:04
  • This is the line I added UUID="4EA9-C564" /mnt/tmp vfat noatime,noauto,user,defaults 1 0 and it doesn't work. FYI, the Sony reader is based on Android 2.2.
    – To Do
    Sep 30, 2015 at 12:22
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    I thought I had a problem once with disabling vfat partition from automount, so I have found someone with usb stick with vfat partition, inserted it into my box. After it was mounted I found its UUID then added new line to /etc/fstab and reinserted stick and it is working - no automount for this partition. The only difference from yours line (except UUID of course) is I didn't used quotation marks ("). When I changed line and added these quotation marks, the partition started to automount again. Get rid off those " and youi should be OK.
    – alcik
    Sep 30, 2015 at 14:03
  • Tried removing the quotation marks to no avail, but I found a solution. See my answer.
    – To Do
    Sep 30, 2015 at 16:08

The solution I found is to use the Disks utility.

  1. Connect the Reader.
  2. Open Disks and select the Settings partition.
  3. Click the triple gear icon under the graphic.
  4. Select "mount options" and deselect "Automount options" AND "Show in user interface" and click OK.

This created the following fstab entry:

/dev/disk/by-id/usb-Sony_PRS-T1_Setting_148427501057252-0:2 /mnt/usb-Sony_PRS-T1_Setting_148427501057252-0:2 auto nosuid,nodev,nofail,noauto 0 0

The device does not show in Nautilus and the /mnt/usb-Sony_PRS-T1_Setting_148427501057252-0:2 folder is present but empty.

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    Basicly the same solution as mine, except using disk-id instead of UUID. Are you sure you get correct UUID?
    – alcik
    Sep 30, 2015 at 16:32

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