I'm new in Linux, but learning bits by bits.. So please give explanation too, instead of only the answer, to help me understand about why and how.

Currently I want to build an android rom with Xubuntu OS. I already setup openSSH to connect remotely. my remote pc is win10, using putty for ssh.

my question are: can I use ssh to build android rom? Can I use "brunch" command, and disconnect ssh connection? -- If can, then how can I know if the process is finished or not? -- if can't, then any other method to do that remotely? beside using vnc? or is there any way to remote only the running terminal app on my server? so that what's on remote screen = server's terminal screen. something like that



You may want look into GNU screen or tmux. they both have the attach feature.
typical workflow looks like this:

  1. Connect with SSH
  2. Start a screen/tmux session.
  3. Do your work.
  4. Disconnect.
  5. Next time you login, attach the last session and continue working.
  • will the session be visible on screen on server's side? which one u suggest? gnu screen or tmux?
    – dokie80
    Sep 30 '15 at 5:06
  • @dokie80 you can also attach the session from a Terminal Window on server. I suggest tmux. Sep 30 '15 at 5:12
  • Looks good. Going to read some and try. Thanks for the suggestion
    – dokie80
    Sep 30 '15 at 5:31
  • Tmux is just what i ve been looking for. Again, Thanks for the suggestion
    – dokie80
    Oct 1 '15 at 0:51
  • I was going to... but cant find any button to close this question... :D
    – dokie80
    Oct 1 '15 at 7:33

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