This seems too easy but still can't get it work. I have:


and need:



echo -X-1.5 | tr -d '-'



which it's close, but not close enough.

Any pointers are welcome,


Another sed solution

echo "-X-1.5" | sed 's/-//2'

Substitute the second occurrence of - with nothing.


If you know that the character to delete is at position 2 (starting counting from 0), you can do this:

echo "${VAR:0:2}${VAR:3}"

which will give -X1.5.

If it were the first instance of a character that you wanted to delete, but you didn't know its position in advance, you could do this:

echo "${VAR/-/}"

which will give X1.5-oh.


Since the part to remove happens not to be at the beginning, end, nor is this a complete removal, it rules out a lot of generic shortcuts in favor of something more specific to match a known pattern, so it really depends on what the pattern will be..

If for example the pattern is always going to be a -X followed by - which you wish to remove, you can, for example:

$ echo "-X-1.5" | sed 's/-X-/-X/g'


  • searches for -X-
  • replaces with -X
  • /g to perform it greedily meaning all such occurrences, in case you have -X-1.5-X-2.5-X-3.5 etc

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