I would like to edit the keyboard shortcuts used by the Enlightenment window manager and I would like to do so textually by editing some text/XML file. Sort of like how I edit ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml to change the keybindings used by openbox. Is this possible? I know of the GUI editor of keyboard shortcuts but I would prefer a textual method, if possible.

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Enlightenment's configuration is stored in ".cfg" files using the Eet library. This is not human-readable, but you can use the vieet command to edit a textual representation of a file. For the key bindings, I believe these are stored in ~/.e/e/config/standard/e_bindings.cfg by default. Vieet also needs a 'section' to edit, put in 'config' here. The complete command would be vieet ~/.e/e/config/standard/e_bindings.cfg config.

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