I deleted the lib32-ncurses manually from the /usr/lib folder (I know...)

I was having issues with a compiled PHP and libncursesw.so.5

It broke Arch. So I boot from my a live cd but if I try to, mounted the partition but when trying to chroot to the root mount at /mnt I get:

/bin/sh: error while loading shared libraries: libncurses2.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
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    After booting from the livecd, trying copying its /usr/lib/libncurses2.so.6 into the mounted /usr/lib, then seeing if that works. If it does, you probably want to reinstall the package just to be sure. – Tom Hunt Sep 28 '15 at 16:51
  • yeah, bash needs all that jazz. symlink some other shell over /bin/sh - like ln -sf /usr/lib/initcpio/busybox /bin/sh or something. – mikeserv Sep 28 '15 at 16:51
  • @mikeserv Did it, but I'm getting the same error. – ericgramirez Sep 28 '15 at 17:03
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    well, if you did it from outside the chroot then it probably wont be / at the head of the path. Anyway, you can just use the pacman -r argument to install the package you need from without the chroot as well. pacman -r /path/to/chroot -S ncurses --force – mikeserv Sep 28 '15 at 17:09
  • @TomHunt The issue is I have libncurses5 on the live CD – ericgramirez Sep 28 '15 at 18:38

You are going to need to boot from an Arch ISO somehow. After that, you can probably upgrade the kernel by following Option 2: Reinstall Kernel from the Arch Linux Wiki article, "Kernel Panics". That article includes doing a chroot to the hard disk mounted by the ISO, so you can use pacman on the latest kernel you've got in /var/cache/pacman/pkg/. Look in that same directory for a version 5 ncurses package, and update it, too, while you're at it.

  • Sure, I'm following that guide. But I get the same error message after typing "arch-chroot /mnt /bin/bash" but with a different libncurses. – ericgramirez Sep 28 '15 at 23:07

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