I have utf-8 locale on my computer, and i want to search in KOI8-R encoded files. But i don't have KOI8-R locale installed. And i don't have sudo rights to install this locale.

Is it possible to search with grep in this conditions? Can i do a workaround? Convert those encoded files to UTF-8 on the fly, somehow?

PS: I already read this question: How to use grep/ack with files in arbitrary encoding?

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As long as you're looking for specific characters (i.e. not using character sets or case-insensitive search), you can make grep look for bytes: convert any non-ASCII character in the regexp to the byte value that represents it in KOI8-R, and invoke grep in the C locale (LC_ALL=C grep …, or just LC_CTYPE=C LC_COLLATE=C grep …) so that it searches for bytes.

You can use iconv -f utf-8 -t koi8-r to convert a string that you type in UTF-8 to KOI8-R even if the KOI8-R locales aren't listed in locale -a.

The fuseflt method also relies on iconv and doesn't need the locale to be built.

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