I am currently having an issue which is preventing me from editing the group permissions for my '/media/rnetBackup/' directory. I have tried editing the permissions using nautilus and using

chgrp -R rnetshare /media/rnetBackup

but it doesn't have any effect. Any suggestions?

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    Please edit your question and i) tell us what filesystem you are using; ii) show us the output of ls -ld /media/rnetBackup before and after running the chgrp command. – terdon Sep 26 '15 at 20:23

Use chown instead of chgrp. The syntax is chown [OPTION]... [User]:[Group] file.

For your case, you could do: chown -R root:rnetshare /media/rnetBackup


You could try checking if the attributes of the directory are correctly set. For this, first do lsattr. It should give some output like this:

----i--------e-- /media/rnetBackup

If there is the character i in your output, it means the folder can not be edited. Just change the attributes in this case and it will be working fine:

sudo  chattr =e /media/rnetBackup

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