I have a remote machine at IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, and a local machine. I've set up the export file on the remote machine to export /ShareDir.

On my local machine, I can run mount xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:/ShareDir /mnt/MountShareHere just fine. I can go into /mnt/MountShareHere and see everything from /ShareDir in it.

Now I want to mount a directory from inside /mnt/MountShareHere to the local filesystem. First I tried mount /mnt/MountShareHere/Subdir /mnt/MountSubdirHere which returned mount: you must specify the filesystem type. So I tried mount -t nfs /mnt/MountShareHere/Subdir /mnt/MountSubdirHere, which gave me mount.nfs: remote share not in 'host:dir' format.

I could just mount Subdir the same way I mounted /ShareDir (using the IP address and the path to Subdir on the remote machine), but I'd rather not (I'd have to rewrite some scripts and I'm lazy). Is there a trick to this? If not, what's the reason this can't be done?


You should be able to do a --bind mount:

sudo mount -B /mnt/MountShareHere/Subdir /mnt/MountSubdirHere

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