Is there a way I could get the md5 hash of a file on a remote server?

I'm looking for a command like

md5 hlin117@server:/path/to/file.txt

AFAIK there is no remote md5.

The closest you can get is to execute the command on the remote server:

ssh hlin117@server md5sum /path/to/file.txt

Obviously, md5sum must be installed on the remote server.

Alternatively, get the file and do it locally:

scp hlin117@server:/path/to/file.txt .
md5sum file.txt
rm file.txt

Or, as @Cyrus pointed out:

ssh hlin117@server cat /path/to/file.txt | md5sum
  • Thanks! Your first solution worked. (PS: I wanted to get the md5 hash sum so I don't need to scp it locally.)
    – hlin117
    Sep 25 '15 at 5:19
  • 1
    With a local md5sum: ssh hlin117@server cat /path/to/file.txt | md5sum
    – Cyrus
    Sep 25 '15 at 5:39

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