I've got the following in a bash script

ssh -T -i ${ssh_key} ${ssh_user}@${host} <<- 'EOF'
  echo "file: " $file 
  ### prints>> file: some-host-name.tar.gz 

scp -i ${ssh_key} ${ssh_user}@${host}:${file} ~/incoming
### prints>> scp -i /home/user/.ssh/key.pem user@ ~/incoming

I'm trying to set the filename inside the heredoc, as it's based on the host I'm connecting to. I then want to use that filename to scp the file to another location, but I can't get the filename outside of the heredoc.


  • You have quoted 'EOF', no expansion was performed in body of here-document. Anyway, variable assignment was not performed inside here-document. – cuonglm Sep 23 '15 at 7:00
  • file variable is being assigned in sub shell created for SSH session. Parent shell is unable to access those variables.. You can go with solution mentioned by @muru – AVJ Sep 23 '15 at 13:50

It's not a matter of heredocs. If you'd run:

ssh -i ${ssh_key} ${ssh_user}@${host} sh -c '
  echo "file: " $file

The effect would have been the same. Point being: variable is evaluated in the shell started by SSH on the remote server. There's nothing it can do to affect a variable on the local shell.

So, instead, do:

file=$(ssh -i ${ssh_key} ${ssh_user}@${host} hostname).tar.gz
scp -i ${ssh_key} ${ssh_user}@${host}:${file} ~/incoming
  • Thanks for the explanation and for providing the alternative, that's exactly what I needed. – richj Sep 23 '15 at 18:19

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