tar -czvf /var/local/mybackup.tar.gz -C /etc/alternatives/

I used the above mentioned code to create a backup file. But it is showing me this error.

tar: Cowardly refusing to create an empty archive
Try 'tar --help' or 'tar --usage' for more information.

What is wrong with my code??


tar requires a list of files to include in the archive. The command

tar -czvf /var/local/mybackup.tar.gz -C /etc/alternatives/ .

will create a compressed tar file containing all of the files within /etc/alternatives/.

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  • That star at the end of your command will be expanded by the shell in the current directory, won't it? – dhag Sep 21 '15 at 16:45

You don't need to use the -C flag

$ tar czvf /path/of/the/backup/name.tar.gz /path/of/the/files

If you want to backup a bunch of files, use wildcard. If you want to backup an entire dir just do not end the line with the slash /

Files backup $ tar czvf /path/to/backupdir/files.tar.gz /path/to/files/*

Dir backup $ tar czfP /path/to/backupdir/files.tar.gz /path/to/dir

From man tar

-P, --absolute-names
   don't strip leading `/'s from file names
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Usually /etc/alternatives is entirely populated with links. Try using the -h command of tar to dereference the links they point to and include the actual files. (If that is your goal, which I assume it would be.)

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