In ViM, how can I transform these lines of text:

stringa1 minuscolo
stringa2 minuscolo
stringa33 minuscolo
stringa44 minuscolo

into this:

Stringa1 minuscolo
Stringa2 minuscolo
Stringa33 minuscolo

The following command will convert(It is a string substitute regex) the first character to uppercase

:%s/^./\u&/g will replace first char in all the lines


This command will replace line starting from 1 to 4 (1,4) change the line range in the command.


It's also worth noting the ~ command, which switches the case of the character under the cursor, and the gU operator which converts to uppercase across the given motion. Example:

gUl converts the current character to uppercase (or leaves it uppercase if it is already)

gUe converts to uppercase through to the end of the word

g~e switches the case of each letter through the end of the word.

Try :help case for more.


Below is an alternative approach (Linux provides you so many different ways of doing the same thing; ultimately depends on personal choice/preference.)

sed -rin 's/./\u&/1p' file.txt

Another alternative is below which capitalizes first letter of each word

sed -rin 's/([a-zA-Z])([a-zA-Z]*)/\u\1\2/g p' file.txt

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