Here is the scenario:

Let's say that I log into my server via ssh and start an emacs or vi (or whatever other program) session. Then my ssh connection disconnects.

Is there a way for me to reconnect to those programs via a new ssh session. In other words, when I log back into my server through a new ssh session?. In other words, how can I "pick up" where I left off.

I am assuming that programs are not automatically stopped when the first ssh account drops out...are they?

I read somewhere that I can use screen or tmux, I am wondering if there is a simple way, if not please let me know.


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You can use screen

Suppose you have logged in using SSH, then simply run following command to create screen session called 'mysession'

screen -S mysession

in case your connection disconnected, then you can simply attach your session using:

screen -x mysession

Check this link for more information about screen


As far as I'm aware, using screen or tmux is the only way to accomplish this. I would definitely recommend tmux over screen, as tmux is a rewrite of screen which adds lots of convenient features.

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