I'm working on a script that has an array of around 10 elements. All I have to do is that the script will accept user input of minimum 0 elements and maximum 10 elements (of the array) and it will execute whatever the corresponding array element says.


Array -

array0=( [1]=echo "Foo" [2]=export CCACHE=true [3]=export FOO_FLAG=true [4]=unset BAR_FLAG )

Then the script will read inputs like -

read -a array0

And then something like -

for i in ${array0[@]}
   access each element as $i. . .

The output should look something like -

Type the elements - 1 4 2

*unset BAR_FLAG
*export CCACHE=true*

But i'm not able to do it unfortunately. There must be some mistake in the for/do loop.

If anybody can help...


array0=('echo Foo' 'export CCACHE=true' 'export FOO_FLAG=true' 'unset BAR_FLAG')

echo -n "Enter the elements: "

read -e line

for index in $line;do

Usage: script.sh

First index of an array is 0.

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  • I can use read here too right? – Chinmay Kunkikar Sep 18 '15 at 12:07
  • Modified the script to wait for user input. – 7171u Sep 18 '15 at 12:26

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