I am trying to figure out an issue that I have with installing an RPM file on openSUSE which I build on Windows (using Cygwin/rpmbuild).

When I try to install the RPM on Linux I get an error saying

package <package>.rpm is intended for a different operating system

The RPM is build by calling

rpmbuild --nodeps --target=i386 --buildroot="$BUILDDIR" -bb $ROOTPATH/tmp.spec

I can force the installation by installing it with --ignoreos, but if there is a way to avoid it. I've been rummaging through the rpm macros file in Cygwin, but I've not been able to find the correct setting. Any ideas?


Literally 5 seconds after I've posted the question, I found the answer. The rpmbuild command is incorrect; if I execute

rpmbuild --nodeps --target=i386-linux --buildroot="$BUILDDIR" -bb $ROOTPATH/tmp.spec

everything works correctly and I can install the resulting RPM on Linux.


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