I'm trying to transfer a file to my Beaglebone Black using sshfs. I've installed Ubuntu Arm 3.14.

I can use sudo sshfs /mnt/sshfs which pops up with root@'s password:, however, the password is not the UNIX password that I'm able to set up through the passwd command on the Beaglebone. I tried all sorts of generic passwords as well as the default for Ubuntu arm, which is "temppwd". Is this password something specific for the superuser? I know that the sudo password and su password are different and I can't login to su without using the command sudo su on the Beaglebone.


On Ubuntu, by default, there is no password for the root account. That means you can't use su to become root, and you can't log into the root account with a password.

The password on the root account is unrelated to the password for your account. When you use sudo, you type the password for your account, not the root password.

Furthermore, by default, Ubuntu forbids using a password to log into the root account, but allows logging into the root account with a key.

If you want to use SSHFS with root access, you'll need to create a key pair and add the public key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys. Make sure that /etc/ssh/sshd_config contains the line PermitRootLogin without-password.

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