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Suppose I have used the grep command :

grep 'pattern' 'filename'

and have got the result :


Is there any way to concatenate the outputs into a single one like:

John Brown

And also is there any way to count the number of outputs and store it in a separate variable?

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One way -- using $() command substitution:

echo $(grep 'pattern' 'filename')

Edited after the addition of the count requirement: Since you presumably have a filename, just run grep again with the --count option:

count=$(grep --count 'pattern' 'filename')
  • It just occurred to me that there's an outside chance you're using a grep that does not have the -c (--count) option, in which case a common way to count matches is to use "wc -l", eg: count=$(grep 'pattern' 'filename' | wc -l) – Jeff Schaller Sep 14 '15 at 19:34

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