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I am trying to run a small script which check for two variables to see if they are empty or not. I am getting the correct output but if also shows me error for missing right parenthesis. I tried using double parenthesis as well as round bracket but didn't work.


 if ([ -z "$var"] && [ -z "$non"])
    echo "both empty"

    echo "has data"


line 6: [: missing `]'
has data

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You need a space bettween "$non" and ], and you don't need ()'s:

if [ -z "$var" ] && [ -z "$non" ]

As Andy Dalton said in his answer you need a space between "$non" and the closing square parentheses ] like this:

[ -z "$non" ]

I just want to add a bit of motivation why this is needed. In bash the square parentheses are commands (you can try man [ to see, it's the manual for the test command), so you need the space for bash to figure out which command you are invoking.

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