I'm getting surprising (to me) variations in antialiasing quality when converting a PDF (with black text on white only) to a PNG and removing transparency with ImageMagick (version from Ubuntu 14.04).

My sample input file is the result of running pdflatex on

Hello, world!

At 300 dpi, the result is horrible (that's with a white background, adding -background \#ffffff or -background white produces visually indistinguishable output):

convert -density 300 -alpha remove -alpha off a.pdf 300-white.png

-density 300

There's some anti-aliasing, but not very good, and some lines (such as the horizontal stroked on the e) have completely disappeared.

Choosing any color other than white produces a decent result.

convert -density 300 -background \#fffffe -alpha remove -alpha off a.pdf 300-fffffe.png

-density 300 -background #fffffe

Curiously, the rendering is better at low resolutions (while still not ideal) — at least the text is readable.

convert -density 100 -alpha remove -alpha off a.pdf 90-white.png

-density 100

At higher resolutions, the rendering is still clearly poor, but at least the lines start to appear.

convert -density 750 -alpha remove -alpha off a.pdf a.png

-density 750

  • Why is antialiasing so bad for black on white, and perfectly fine with any other background color, even if that background color is visually indistinguishable from white?
  • If I set this up as part of an automated process where someone won't be around to visually inspect the result, what parameters do I need to avoid to get good results?
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    That's a good question for the ImageMagick mailing list, which was once very active - but there is a forum now: imagemagick.org/discourse-server -- or file a bug report, you have a good case!
    – Ned64
    Commented Sep 10, 2015 at 18:45

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It is like when background is white, ImageMagick detects that there are only two colors — black and white — and switches to a grayscale mode of PNG, hence the ugly result:

enter image description here

To limit the ugliness of applying black and white to anti-aliased edges, you can disable anti-aliasing with +antialias:

convert -density 300 -alpha remove -alpha off +antialias a.pdf 300-white.png

enter image description here

So now, how to prevent using the grayscale mode of PNG? Here it is:

convert -density 300 -alpha remove -alpha off a.pdf png24:300-white-24.png

enter image description here

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