I've got a UFS drive that has a bad superblock. I've used mke2fs to find the alternate superblocks. The drive has a zfs_member on it named "james". How can I mount the drive with the alternate superblock. If I try to normally mount it, it gives the error "unknown filesystem type 'zfs_member'." I'm using ArchLinux.

Additional drive details:

  • x86 boot sector
  • partition 1:
    • ID: 0xee
    • Starthead: 255
    • Start sector: 1
    • Sectors: 312581807
    • Offset: 0x0
  • Your question does not include the needed information: What do you understand by a "UFS drive"? Why do you name a partition with an EFI header marker? Partitions with an EFI marker are typically not using UFS as filesystem. – schily Sep 10 '15 at 7:47

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