I want to pass function arguments to zsh’s emulate to evaluate a command in bash emulation:

$ .bash() { emulate bash -c "$*" }
$ .bash 'source /path/to/script.sh'

It’s ok but I want this without quotes like a precommand modifier (to use syntax highlighting, completion, etc.) as in

$ .bash source /path/to/script.sh

The problem arises when a command line contains quoted spaces:

$ .bash source /path/to/"script with spaces".sh
$ # I want it to expand to
$ emulate bash -c 'source /path/to/"script with spaces".sh'
$ # or the like

I tried to play with different quotes and with ${(qq)*} expansion flags. No good so far.

Is there any way to achieve this?


You might have some success with

.bash() { emulate bash -c "$(echo ${(qq)@})" } 

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