I am stuck on virtual terminal 14. Starting some SDL-software brought me there. Now I cannot go anywhere else. Every "chvt" freezes (at the "VT_WAITACTIVE" ioctl) if it is not chvt 14 which succeeds. There is no chvt running. I can start shell and Xorg on vt14 (from remote ssh).

How to be able to switch vt again (other than rebooting)? How to kill any maybe pending and thus blocking vt switch? looking at the output of ps -A did not reveal any suspicious process (except maybe Xorg, killing it is not an option). Any getty I already killed (and they got restarted by init).

Graphics: uvesafb, Xorg uses fbdev, no kernel mode setting, sysvinit/openrc (no systemd).

  • Is it still a problem? Can you find with lsof which processes have /dev/tty14 open? – Incnis Mrsi Sep 14 '15 at 18:36
  • @ Incnis Mrsi: I tried lsof | grep tty14 and fuser /dev/tty14, no result. Now it is not a problem anymore since I just rebooted the system (I was not able to get to my runnung old X session on vt13, x11vnc does not work on the very same machine due to Xorg not updating if it's vt is not active), but it might happen again, although very seldom. – Golar Ramblar Sep 16 '15 at 9:46

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