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I have just merged two avi files cd1.avi and cd1.avi into movie.avi using:

avimerge -o movie.avi -i cd{1,2}.avi

Problem is that I had to subtitle files linked to the first avi files:


At first I tried simply to concatenate the files together:

cat cd{1,2}.srt > movie.srt

But that caused havoc with the subtitles... any suggestions?


This is pretty trivially done, since .srt files are just text files that contain time stamps -- all you need to do is add the length of cd1.avi to the times of all the subtitles in cd2.srt. You can find the length of cd1.avi with ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i cd1.avi  # Look for the Duration: line

And then add that to cd2.srt using srttool

srttool -d 12345 -i cd2.srt  # 12345 is the amount to add in seconds


srttool -a hh:mm:ss -i cd2.srt  # The first subtitle will now start at hh:mm:ss

Then you should just be able to concatenate the files together and renumber:

srttool -r -i cd.srt

I picked srttool because in Arch it comes with transcode, which you installed for this question; there are lots of other tools that can shift and merge .srt files too, and at least one website, submerge

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  • +1 thanks micheal, really appreciate your efforts with my questions – Stefan Sep 20 '10 at 22:15
  • 1
    Thanks! This worked great. Only problem I found is that srttool puts output to the command line. I actually doesn't modify the file you want. A little redirection (>) and WHAMMO, it works perfectly. This has been a huge help and thank you very much. – user11667 Oct 19 '11 at 4:38

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