How use pmount that it omit fstab rules? For example

# fstab:
/dev/sr0 /media/cdrom  ... (etc.)

# in terminal
pmount /dev/sr0 /media/xxx
# it will omit /media/xxx mount point and it will mount in /media/cdrom

Is there any easily solution to mount other mount point that is in fstab.

In this case I must use pmount beacause I mount as regular user and I am not allowed to add any new entry to fstab.

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pmount is generally to be used for mounting custom external devices that are not in fstab. What you experience is a feature of pmount - a part of its policy (see man pmount, search for fstab). If you want to permit normal users to mount cdrom, you can either comment it out in /etc/fstab and use pmount or set up the cdrom entry in fstab so that users are allowed to mount. For the latter, you'd need to use the user mount option (see man fstab for more details).

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