I have some text like:

Blablabla <b>[intlink id="</b>2204<b>" type="page"] Blalala

I want replace it for remove the </b> and <b>, keeping the id="number". So it should result like:

Blablabla <b>[intlink id="2204" type="page"] Blalala

I try with:

sed -i 's@id="</b>[[:digit:]]\+<b>"@id="{1}"@g' ~/edit.txt
Blablabla <b>[intlink id="{1}" type="page"] Blalala

Also I try with:

sed -i 's@id="</b>[[:digit:]]\+<b>"@id="\\1"@g' ~/edit.txt

But I get:

Blablabla <b>[intlink id="\1" type="page"] Blalala

So, how I can keep the id number text in the regex digit?


\1 is the right syntax for referring to capture group 1; \\1 means you want the literal text \1. So change \\1 to \1, and then you need to put parentheses around the part you actually want to capture. This should work:

sed -i 's@id="</b>\([[:digit:]]\+\)<b>"@id="\1"@g' ~/edit.txt
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  • It is not working with \1, it replaces to id="1" and not keeping the digit (I put the parenthesis too, not working), what could be the issue? I am running in bash – shakaran Sep 8 '15 at 5:04
  • @shakaran Te brackets were wrong set. The \(\) groupding includes now the whole number. – chaos Sep 8 '15 at 5:42
  • Ah yes, thanks. I accidentally left the + outside of the parentheses – Michael Mrozek Sep 8 '15 at 6:58

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