At the Arch Linux installation, I installed dialog & wpa_supplicant in order to connect to the internet after the rebooting to the newly installed system via wifi-menu program. After that, installed gnome , gnoem-extra, networkmanager, network-manager-applet. Started service of network manager

sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager.service
sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.service

Network Manager works fine with WiFi network (shows the icon says "WiFi", and under that all the wifi devices). The problem is Huawei USB dongle is not working. When it is pluged in, Arch mount the device. lsblk print the device as /dev/sr1. But nothing shows in the right corner drop menu. This dongle is worked with Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Even in Arch(previous installation).

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Read the Arch Wiki.

Have you installed usb_modeswitch, usbutils and modemmanager? What is the vendor ID and the product ID of your Huawei USB modem? Find them with $ lsusb and edit your /lib/udev/rules.d/40-usb_modeswitch.rules file to add the vendor ID and the product ID. You may need to restart your computer after doing this.

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